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Build Global Citizenship with Faculty-Led Study Abroad


Established in 1933, Select Travel Study is one of Europe's finest Educational travel companies. We have been offering travel and logistics services to universities and other institutions of higher education across the United States and Canada. We work exclusively on short term, custom designed faculty-led study tours to Great Britain, Europe and Russia.


For more than 80 years, we have earned a reputation for providing academically rigorous and creatively designed programming. Our design and implementation teams are head quartered in Britain, supported by experienced marketing staff located at our offices in North America, Australia, South Africa and Russia.


We have been true believers in global citizenship and the value of intelligent exploration of the cultures of the world, long before it came into vogue.


International travel study is vital to the broadening of young minds. Life long perspectives and global attitudes are framed by these experiences. For many students, extended periods abroad are unattainable, so the chance to participate in a relatively short immersion experience abroad represents an invaluable opportunity.


Our approach is a little different to other travel providers. We are head quartered in Britain, have our own offices across continental Europe and Russia and for the past 37 years have had our own corporate offices in the United States. This unique structure allows us to bring you the genuine local European expertise, absolute control over the travel logistics coupled with the security and access of offices in North America. Truly the best of both worlds.


Please feel free to browse the site to discover more about us. When you are ready simply make contact with us and we'll get started on designing a custom program for you.

Custom, faculty-led

study programs to Britain,

Europe and Russia


Offices: Rome, Madrid, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev,

    Great Britain and United States



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