Step Three — Enrolling Students

Upon completion of the agreement process and sign off from your Institution we move into the operational phase.


1. Enrolling Students—your key to success. No study abroad program can succeed without students. Your roll is key to creating excitement and enrolling the minimum number of students. We only need a minimum 10 students, plus one faculty member to run your university's dedicated academic European study program.


2. We never stop working for you. Your Select Travel Program Planner will ensure you are kept informed of progress as our European team puts your trip into place. We will also work with you to make sure all deadlines are adhered to and we offer guidance on passports, visa requirements, any individual student needs such as extending their time in Europe, personal insurance plus health and safety questions.


3. Refine the Syllabus. Once your full itinerary is set, you can start refining your existing course syllabus to reflect the academic activities you’ll be doing abroad


4. Vital to work with your administration. Work with your administration to make sure everything aligns with your school’s curricular requirements and that your program qualifies for academic credit and if they offer materials and advice on promotion.


5. Now you’re ready to travel. Now you’ve found the right students to travel with, it’s time to go abroad. With our worldwide support, you’re free to do what you do best in the places that give your curriculum the most impact. All tour documentation is delivered in an environmentally conscious electronic format suitable for viewing on smart phones and tablets.





“Select Travel are highly professional and experienced in travel planning. The support and attention to our logistics which are many times quite complicated, is superb. We have worked with Select for many years and feel we can trust them and really rely on their expertise. Love working with them.”


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