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London Business and Management

To be successful, students of business need to graduate with a compressive understanding of the workings of a global economy. London remains a primary force in multi national financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, trading markets and technology. Students are able to visit a wide range of enterprises as well as some of the best known institutions in the City of London. The corporations mentioned here are for illustrative purposes only. View the full program details.


Costume Design

As Audrey Hepburn once said, "If clothes make the man, then certainly the costume designer makes the actor." The work of costume designers is part art, part fashion design, part history, and part drama. It's about capturing someone's essence, representing life in a particular time or place, and making a statement about performers that inspires fantasy and distinguishes them from the crowd. This program explores the thriving theatrical design community in London. View the full program details.


London Theatrical Studies

London is the outstanding theatre capital of the English speaking world. With the greatest diversity of musical theatre, classic plays, new works and creative revivals, the depth of offerings, a trip to London is almost "compulsory viewing" for students of theatre. Combine that with the re-launched Royal Shakespeare Theatre in close by Stratford-Upon-Avon and its an irresistible combination. As always, this is a sample program only - all aspects are customized for to your specific needs. View the full program details.


Public Health Systems

An opportunity to examine several hundred years of the development of public health in England. From it's crowded medieval beginnings, to the disease ridden slums of the Industrial Revolution through to a brand new government initiative which will plot the future of the country's public health policy well into the 21st century. As always, this is our suggested program, but we will custom every aspect to suit the needs of any class and faculty requirement. View the full program details.



Examine the history of nursing and its current professional development in Great Britain. This is an opportunity for students of nursing to spend a week in London and Southern England witnessing how English nurses train under the National Healthcare System as well as the private sector. Also spend some time gaining an appreciation for the history of the profession through the centuries. As always, this is our suggested program, but we will custom every aspect to suit the needs of any class and faculty requirement. View the full program details.


Healthcare Management and Administration

This program offers an opportunity for students to study the healthcare system in the United Kingdom. Recognized as having one of the finest universal healthcare systems in the world, students study both the National Healthcare Service as well as the private healthcare system which works alongside. Led by your college faculty, each program is custom designed for you and can include site visits and meetings with key and influential health leaders. Available for undergraduate, post graduate and healthcare professionals. View the full program details.


London Criminal Justice

Without a written constitution, the United Kingdom has a criminal justice system which is built upon tradition and convention established over centuries. With a predominantly unarmed police force, lawyers and judges who wear wigs Britain presents a fascinating contrast to the CR systems found in the USA and other countries of the world. Yet with two of the busiest border entry points in the world and an increasingly divergent population it is a system which formed the basis of many nation's CR systems and a police force which to this day garners the respect of the world. View the full program details.


Dance and Performing Arts

An opportunity to experience first hand the rich heritage of Performing Arts in London, England. Allow them to get involved with the creative and technical aspects London's theatre and dance community. View the full program details.


Russian Theater

In 1672 Peter the First ordered the construction of Russia's first public theatre on Red Square. Serf theatre flourished through the 18th century and by the dawning of the 19th century, both Moscow and St. Petersburg had become major theatrical centers with the Bolshoi and the Maly. Following severe restrictions during the Soviet era, today's scene is one of total liberation and rich creative freedom. It is truly a wonder to behold. View the full program details.



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