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We work exclusively with Higher Education faculty

We only work with Faculty, we do not work directly with Students.

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    • We work exclusively with Institutes of Higher Education, Universities and Colleges. We do not create programs for elementary, middle schools, high schools or other youth groups directly. These are two very different markets, requiring completely different approaches and cannot be mixed.


    • We always ensure the academics are suitable for degree level students. Our partner practitioners always run workshops and lectures of a high academic standard for undergraduate and postgraduate groups.


    •Select is a European based logistics management company. We work directly and exclusively with colleges and universities from around the world. And there is a world of difference.

We give you ownership — your Itinerary, your identity

It is all about you. It is always your academic program.

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    •   You have complete ownership and control of the itinerary at all times.


    •  Our programs are unique and bespoke. We create each individual itinerary for your specific needs.


    •  We don’t run a standardized schedule, where your school has to fit in with a bigger picture.


    •  Each University offers a unique curriculum to a unique set of students, so we will custom- build a dynamic program that meets your individualized needs, bringing to life your syllabus, reflecting your actual learning outcomes you are working towards right now.


    •  You decide every aspect of the program, the dates, the destinations, the workshops, the site visits and meetings with European practitioners in your field and we will make all the arrangements seamlessly, so you can focus on teaching.


    •  Your University’s brand and identity will be maintained throughout. This is why we do not create visuals or materials which promote our own company.


    The program will always retain your university’s look and feel, as you have complete ownership.

We value academic integrity in Study Abroad

We are committed to promoting easier access to study abroad opportunities, and to a more diverse range of candidates.

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    •  We support the mission of Institutes of Higher Education to educate globally literate students, who are ready to enter the competitive workforce.


    •  We believe this will not be accomplished by trivializing study abroad, but rather by celebrating it and by ensuring academic integrity, the acquisition of intercultural competence and professional skills for the global marketplace are a key part of the international learning experience.


    •  We are dedicated to providing resources and support to educators to help expand global learning by facilitating faculty-led curriculum based programs.


    •  We are members of all the major international education organizations.


We are European Specialists

Our sole operational focus is bringing North American faculty-led study groups to Europe and Russia.

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    We maintain absolute control over the quality of the services we offer you. We prefer not to work through third party partnerships on the ground. Instead, we retain direct control of all ground operations from our British headquarters and European operational field offices. This means there are no third party partners between you and the ground services, so we can guarantee total accountability, operational integrity and uniformity for every program. Offices: Rome, Madrid, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Great Britain and United States

We Are Local

We own our offices here in North America. Why is that important?

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    No middle man, optimum pricing levels and flawless communication between you and Europe. This allows us to bring our European expertise directly to the North American university community. We are able to counsel faculty and study abroad staff and retain great relationships which further the academic objectives of the institutions. It is a New Jersey based corporation and employs US accounting and legal practices and brings you the security of working with a US company. We understand the North American Higher Education System, the academic requirements and the administrative processes, making the whole process seamless. So we’re here and there – truly the best of both worlds for you.

 "Nothing ever goes undone, it’s just sheer perfection from the time the course starts to the time it ends. Everything Select does it done so well it makes me sleep easier at night”


Kari Richtsmeier, Director of Global Engagement, Hamline University, MN



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