Criminal Justice & Pre-Law

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Bring your curriculum to life in London, home of the Metropolitan Police and New Scotland Yard.


Without a written constitution, the United Kingdom has a criminal justice system which is built upon tradition and convention established over centuries. With a predominantly unarmed police force, lawyers and judges who wear wigs Britain presents a fascinating contrast to the Criminal Justice systems found in the USA and other countries of the world. Yet with two of the busiest border entry points in the world and an increasingly divergent population it is a system which formed the basis of many nations’ Criminal Justice systems and a police force which to this day garners the respect of the world.


Available for undergraduate and post-graduate students.


Academic specializations:


•  Civil Disturbance

•  Cyber-Security

•  Forensics

•  International Criminal Law Courts & Tribunals

•  Juvenile Delinquency

•  Major Incident Management

•  Mental Health

•  National Security & Immigration

•  Policing & Law Enforcement

•  Restorative Justice

•  Social Justice




We can take your vision further afield. Many Professors take their students on destination specific itineraries- our previous programs include:


•  London & UK

•  Amsterdam & The Hague, The Netherlands

•  Dublin, Ireland

•  Paris, France

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