International Business Management

Bring your curriculum to life in London, Berlin, Paris or Rome. These European capitals remain a primary force in multi-national financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, trading markets and technology. To be successful in a global marketplace students of business need to graduate with a comprehensive understanding of the workings of the world’s economy. Students are able to visit a wide range of enterprises as well as some of the best known institutions throughout Europe with a mixture of onsite visits, lectures and classroom time.


Available for undergraduate and post-graduate students.


Academic Specializations:


•  Intercultural communication

•  International finance

•  International marketing

•  International operations

•  Global logistics

•  Corporation Taxation

•  Derivatives and financial markets

•  Navigating Dodd-Frank

•  The Patriot Act




We can take your vision further afield. Many Professors take their students on destination specific itineraries- our previous programs include:


•  London, UK

•  Moscow, Russia

•  Madrid & Barcelona, Spain

•  Rome, Italy

•  Paris, France

•  Frankfurt, Munich

Communication with Select was seamless and all matters were clear and accurate right from the beginning. The guides were knowledgeable and helpful both for formal tour activities and informal knowledge about the city. I will work with them again when we will be in Russia or the UK again.”


Gina Difino, Study Abroad

University of North Carolina, NC



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